Findings and Consequences .

Strategic & Operational Alliance.


STATEMENT : Excellent preparation of the organizations in the definition and presentation of their strategy. However, more than half of the projects will not generate the added-value they have been designed and initiated for.
Why and what are the consequences ... Insufficient sharing and understanding of the vision between strategist leaders (Executive Management, COMEX …) and Operational people.


STATEMENT : Critical loss of technical and operational knowledge and know-hows, in all fields of activity.
Why and what are the consequences ... demographical evolutions, hiring choices in the organizations, increasing robotization and digitalization of the most simple tasks, resulting in a loss of knowledge and direction.


STATEMENT : Need for business and their staff to adjust permanently, even increased with digitalization. Actually digitalization is above all a human revolution.
Why and what are the consequences ... Main key factor of success for your projects: the endorsement of change by those who will operate it in their day-to-day tasks i.e. final users ….