Our Commitments.

Strategic & Operational Alliance.

Our commitments
for our Customers

AS&O Agency aims to propose a new way to live the change,
in ethical et human conditions to allow everyone to find their role and place.
Transform your teams to transform your whole organization to transform your whole organization
Shape your strategic vision into an operational reality
Use your projects, even the most difficult, as catalysts of your strategic vision

AS&O takes action mainly
in organizations to:

Assist you in solving specific operational issues, in the context of your projects as well as in your daily tasks: we are definitively “Operational people” at the service of “Operational people”! Our strength: our achievements and our experience of many fields !

Make your Digital Transformation a Human Transformation, because that’s what it’s about! Digital is above all a human and cultural transformation of your organization and Business Models, based on innovation (especially IT, but not only) and focused on your interaction with your customers. Our major asset: Operational people accustomed to the most innovative methodologies of change management!

To help you source the operational expert who will be able to answer to your need. Our advantage: we know all our independents. That’s in first, a contract of confidence between them and you!

And this works by determining with you some reachable targets (step by step), quantifiable (ranking of priorities) and for which the implementation is measurable (success indicator aka KPI) in a context of well-known and evaluated risks (KRI) by our experts.

Operational Problematic
Digital Transformation
Operational Expert